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My love affair with the US Southwest began back in 1993 while on my first tour through the Four Corners area - I was overwhelmed by the lay of the land, the abundant colours, the semi-arid desert climate and the low population density. Coming from a country (Switzerland) where everything is on a small scale, where horizons are close and green is the dominant color, that landscape made a deep and lasting impression on me. Also, having a weakness for geology, I was fascinated by the visibility of geological processes - as if the sculptors had just left for lunch, soon to return with the never ending task of carving canyons and exposing strata.
Since that first trip I have returned to the Southwest almost every year.
Photography was part of the game from the beginning - the techniques have evolved over time: from color negative film for slides to digital capture - first jpg and now raw, which is finally where I want to be. For a long time photography was simply a way of capturing and bringing home what I had seen and I was able to feast on those images for the rest of the year. Only recently have I started to create more impressionistic pictures, however, I still have a long way to go to develop a truly personal style.
I like my backpack light so I only carry lightweight cameras: currently I am using a Sony A7, a Sony RX100 Mark 3 and my iPhone 8 which I increasingly use also for raw capture.

I am recognized by Adobe as an Adobe Certified Expert for Lightroom 5

My Workflow while on the road (in German)